Reading is a HUGE must for the creative. Here's 5 books you should be reading to help your creativity:


          DUH! We should all be reading the Bible, Right?! As much as that's true, it doesn't always happen. As creative artists, we must make reading our Bible a daily priority. here's a few reasons why:

  • Input/output - What we input is what we will output. If we want to produce healthy output, what better input can we take in than the Bible?!  Just remember: 
        What you say flows from what is in your heart. (Luke 6:45nlt)
  • Examples of excellent creativity - There's so much creative content stuffed in the Bible. The whole book of Psalms is just a bunch of poems, that have lasted for thousands of years! When I feel stuck, a great place for me to look for solid content to help my creativity flow is the Bible!
  • It's always with me - If you haven't already, download the YouVersion Bible App. What an amazing tool! You can highlight, share, save, make images, there's even an iMessage app. This is a huge tool for me I use throughout my day.


2. Pursuing Christ. Creating Art.

Besides the Bible, this has been the book that has the greatest impact on my life and creativity in the past several years! If you haven't already, I highly recommend it! No, it will not give you tips on how to create more or better, it will help you understand how your creativity works and the purpose of it. 


3. The purpose of man

Understanding our purpose will help us in our creativity. Tozer does a great job helping us understand the purpose of why we are here and what we should do about it!


4. Make your idea matter

Story is king. This isn't a fad. Story is king. If you want people to remember your idea, you have to give them a reason to remember. Read this book. Especially if you have your own business. 


5. Creativitiy inc.

Speaking of story, this entire book is on the story of Pixar. Just to warn you, this is a book you will have trouble putting down until it's finished! The stores will keep you captivated all the way through with little nuggets of truth to apply to your life. Get it! It's worth it.


Bonus How to be creative: 5 steps to boost your creativity

This is a simple, fast read. Lots of great reminders sprinkled in this little book. These 5 Steps, although simple, are powerful. Check it out. Currently the digital version is free on Amazon! 


If you want to be creative, you have got to investing in yourself and your mind. I found myself constantly pouring out and never having any input and I had nothing left. 


What books have you read to help fuel your creativity?