About Me.

"Tony Mellinger LLC started in 2017 when Tony moved from Detroit, Michigan to the suburbs of St. Louis to be closer to family. Once arrived in St. Louis, he found a unique niche of people who loved his style and creative touch in digital media creation and began to develop a long list of projects to work on, and this list still keeps growing. Tony has years of experience creating high quality, professional digital products and loves to share his gifts with anyone he can. Graduating from Bethel College in Northern Indiana, Tony has lived all over the midwest using his talents to advance everything around him. The ultimate dream for Tony is to end up somewhere in the Rocky Mountains capturing their unmatchable beauty.

For fun, Tony has started a helpful self-titled YouTube channel to develop and equip other creatives who love the hobby.

Although specializing in Wedding Cinematography and portraits, Tony can handle just about any digital project you could throw at him, including logo design, graphic animation and event capturing.

Look around in my portfolio to get ideas and to see what's possible.